When will I receive my Season Ticket? All purchases prior to midnight on Sunday 1st December 2019 will be posted on week commencing December 9th. Any purchases after Sunday 1st December 2019 will be dispatched in January 2020.

How many Season Tickets can I buy? There is a transaction limit of 8 Season Tickets due to postage & packaging restrictions. Different names must be provided for each Season Ticket in each code.

You must enter a new email address for each new Season Ticket* - this is a requirement for customer contact during the year. If an email address is not available, please add one as a placeholder, e.g. john.doe1@email.ie.

*No email address is needed for a Juvenile Season Ticket.

If I buy the Season Ticket as a gift what details do I need to give? Mine or the gift receivers? The email address that is linked to your Account is the email address to which all transaction confirmations will be sent. The "Shipping Address" you provide is the address to which all Season Tickets on the account will be dispatched.

You must enter a new email address for each new Season Ticket - this is a requirement for customer contact during the year. (This is not a requirement for Juvenile U16 Season Tickets). If an email address is not available, please add one as a placeholder, e.g. john.doe1@email.ie.

If I buy the Season Ticket as a gift do I have to continue to pay for all the matches as the county progresses? The credit card or debit card used to purchase the Season Ticket will be charged but you can change the payment card details at any stage.

Is there an age limit to the Season Ticket? Yes, you must be 16 or over to purchase and use the Season Ticket. Juvenile Season Ticket holders must be Under 16 on 1st January 2020 and can only be purchased with an Adult Season Ticket.

What about concessions? The Season Ticket provides entry at a significantly reduced price so there are no concession rebates or concession refunds available on the Season Ticket.

How many people can get in with my Season Ticket? One Season Ticket, one entry. No exceptions.

What about bringing a 'guest' to reserved seating matches? Only Season Ticket holder & Juvenile Season Ticket holders will be permitted entry to the Season Ticket section. Guest tickets are not guaranteed for any fixture in 2020.

Can children accompany a Season Ticket holder? The best way to guarantee a juvenile entry to any match is to purchase a Juvenile GAA Season Ticket.

What happens if I get to a match and the stand is already full? The best advice is to arrive early for all matches – at least 20 minutes prior to throw-in for the Allianz League matches. We will endeavour that all Season Tickets are seated but in the event that this is not possible, you will be accommodated elsewhere.

What happens if my credit card or debit card details change during the season e.g. expiry date? You should log into your Online Account and change the details so your Season Ticket is not invalidated.

What happens if you are unable to process payment on my account for a fixture? If we cannot process payment for a fixture this will automatically become an 'Opt Out'. If the 'Opt Out' has already been used or we are unable to process payment for a subsequent fixture then the season ticket ticket in question will be cancelled.

What about replays? If a replay is required, the purchaser will be charged for the replay at the same price as the drawn match. If the Opening Championship fixture is drawn the relevant stadium area charge less €5.00 will be charged for adult Season Tickets and the relevant stadium area charge for juveniles will be charged.

What is the ‘Opt Out’? The Opt Out is a feature that allows you to opt out of your payment obligations for one fixture during the Championship. Once you avail of your Opt Out your Season Ticket will not be valid for that match. If a Season Ticket Holder chooses to avail of their “Opt Out” for a specific fixture this will constitute non-attendance at that particular fixture and as such this will reduce the attendance percentage.

What happens if I want to use the Opt Out? You can avail of the Opt Out via your Online Account during the Championship. More details will be provided during the 2020 Championship.

What if I change my mind and want to attend the fixture? It will not be possible to reverse your Opt Out for the Season Ticket but we will of course endeavour to supply you with a ‘regular’ ticket for the match in question.

Are there any restrictions to the Opt Out? Yes. You must use your Opt Out using your Online Account. There will be a time limit on the Opt Out, depending on the length of time between fixtures. You will only be able to complete your Opt Out via your Online Account. You will not be able to email or “phone in” an Opt Out. There are no Opt Outs available for the Allianz Leagues and you may not use the Opt Out for your selected team’s opening Championship fixture.

Does this now mean my GAA Season Ticket is non-transferable? No. You can of course pass on your GAA Season Ticket to a friend or family member to use if you cannot attend. This transfer cannot take place at or in the vicinity of a match day venue.

My county has played one Championship match already - can I still use my Season Ticket? Yes! Your Season Ticket is for the full season and includes the entire Championship. The credit card or debit card you used to purchase your Season Ticket will be charged as your county progresses.

What if I lose my Season Ticket? If you lose your Season Ticket let the GAA Ticket Office by email to seasonticket@gaa.ie and you will be sent a new one. There is a €10 charge for replacement Season Tickets.

What happens if my county reaches the All Ireland Final? If you have attended at least 60% of the games you will be entitled to buy an All-Ireland ticket. The GAA Ticket Office will advise you if you have qualified after the All-Ireland semi-finals.

Can I still get an All-Ireland Final Tickets if my County does not reach the final? If you have attended 100% of all your county's games you will be put into a draw for an All Ireland ticket.

Whats happens if I purchase late and do not receive my Season Ticket on time? Everyone who buys a Season Ticket will be accommodated at the GAA Season Stile and will gain entry to the stadium.

Where will I be seated? This will depend of stadium capacity and the number of season ticket holders involved in a given fixture. You will be entitled to access to the stand for your county’s matches wherever possible. If there is no reserved seating, seats will be available in the stand on a first come, first served basis. For matches where the stand has reserved seating in operation, the section, row and seat is pre-determined.

You will be guaranteed a seat in a stand for All-Ireland Quarter Finals, All-Ireland Semi-Finals and any other matches in Croke Park involving your county (Hill 16 Season Tickets excluded). You may be required to confirm your attendance and print your seat numbers on-line in advance for these matches. On-line confirmation has no impact on the cost to you.

Can I sit with friends and family? Yes. You may want to sit beside friends or family who are also GAA Season Ticket holders at some or all matches during the season. You can organise this from the ‘Seating Group’ page in your Online Account. Season Tickets can only be part of a Seating Group if they are for the same county, in the same code and are the same ticket type.

You can create a Seating Group and invite other Season Ticket holders to join it or join another Season Ticket holder’s Seating Group, if invited. You are free to cancel or leave a Seating Group at any time.

You must renew or purchase a 2020 Season Ticket in order to join a Seating Group. A full User Guide can be found in the download section below.


In the event that the Upper Tier is not open for a fixture involving Dublin, Upper Tier Season Ticket holders will be seated in the lower Cusack.