Transfers and Sanctions

Applications for an Inter-County transfer can be made online through the Player Transfer System. If a player wishes to apply online, he should contact the Secretary of the Club he wishes to join and refer him/her to the transfers section of the official GAA website for information on the process. Benefits of using the new system include:

  • Quicker processing of applications
  • Less chance of incorrect information being submitted
  • Ability to check status of applications
  • Easy access to transfer history
  • Less administration work

Accessing the Player Transfer System (Club and County Secretaries only)

A Club or County Secretary can access the Player Transfer System by visiting and entering his/her 7 digit Membership Number and Password. For more information, please refer to the user guides in the downloads section on this page.


Club Transfers

  • Information relating to Club transfers can be found in the GAA Official Guide, Part 1.
  • For information pertaining to Club transfers within a County, please contact your County Board.
  • For information pertaining to Club transfers within a Province, please contact the Provincial Council you are transferring to.


Live Inter-County Transfer List

  • Inter-County Transfer List(An Inter-County Transfer will appear on this list three days after the relevant County Secretaries have been notified of the decision on an application)


Application Forms


Overseas Sanctions Information

For information on Authorisations, Permits and Sanctions, visit the Overseas Sanctions section.