Gerry Kennedy

Gerry Kennedy talks about his involvement in the GAA in Crusheen over the years. He discusses the history of the club since its formation in 1887 and recalls playing in many different local fields over the years. Gerry discusses his involvement in the relocation of the club’s pitch and the sale of land to the Clare county board. He recalls his school days in Ennis CBS and playing on the Harty Cup team. He talks about the development of the club over the years at underage and senior level. Gerry discusses the impact of the Rural Housing Scheme on the area in the 1970s and highlights the sense of community in Crusheen. He describes the make up of the GAA in Clare and discusses his involvement in the county teams at an underage level. Gerry comments on the importance of the GAA on his life and what his involvement has meant to him over the years.

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