Enda Mulkere and Thomas McNamara

Enda Mulkere begins by talking about his father’s passion for Irish language, culture, music and the GAA. He gives an overview of his father’s political leanings and tells of his role in the War of Independence, name some high profile figures of the time with whom his father would have associated. He then goes on to discuss his own role in GAA administration at club level and on Central Council. He outlines what he sees a being the role of the GAA president and explains the way in which club administration can lead to disillusionment among normal club members. Tom McNamara begins by describing his playing career at club and county level. He tells of victories and disappointments and outlines the difference between the hurleys and sliotars he used, those used by his father’s generation, and those used today. He talks about Clare in the 1920s and his family’s involvement in republicanism and in the GAA at the time. Both men talk about their highlights and disappointments with the association, highlighting the growth of soccer and golf in Clare, stressing the importance of a club having its own grounds.

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