With the growth in popularity of Gaelic Games, the demand for match officials is increasing. The referee, four umpires and two linemen are entrusted with the responsibility for the control of games. They work as a team of responsible officials dedicated to carrying out their duties with integrity, consistency and uniformity.

The role of the Referee is to:

“Apply the rules in order to create conditions for our Games to be played well. The rules spell out the conditions for our Games to be played well; the proper application of the rules creates these conditions.”

The basic requirements of a referee are:

  • A thorough knowledge of the rules
  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Deal courteously with players and officials
  • Have the ability to remain calm
  • Operate strictly in accordance with the principles of justice and fair play
  • Have the moral courage to take decisions which are correct
  • Be able to live with unfair criticism
  • Be able to accept constructive criticism
  • Retain a good learning graph
  • Be alert and decisive on the field
  • Enjoy refereeing
  • Be committed to the protection of players and the prevention of abusive or violent conduct
  • Be a good communicator on and off the field
  • At all times be well presented
  • Behave with dignity both on and off the field
  • Have a sense of humour and the ability to smile; while these qualities are not requirements they are great assets

Above all things else, retain integrity, consistency and uniformity.